Various - fm must die! volume 1

Stereo encoder II
...another cool stereo encoder schematic. Looks better than the above model. It has a bit of noise, filtering is not sufficient, but otherwise it can be made to work extremely nicely. Substitute XR2208!

These FM multiplex transmissions started in November 1934 and consisted of the main channel audio program and three subcarriers: a fax program, a synchronizing signal for the fax program and a telegraph "order" channel. These original FM multiplex subcarriers were amplitude modulated.

The Appalachian Community Action and Development Agency or AppCAA is currently partnering with the Hunters for the Hungry program as a way to help feed those in our area who are below the poverty line. This Virginia based non-profit organization donated over six billion pounds of venison to those Virginians in need since 1991.
Fourteen percent of American households do not have access to enough food to meet their basic needs. In Lee County twenty five percent of our residents are below poverty with twenty nine percent of children under the age of 18 in a poverty level home.
Partnering with Boone Trail Meats, along with Hunters for the Hungry, AppCAA is able to provide help for a significant amount of families with venison to help meet the need.
Any hunters interested in donating deer to this project may do so at Boone Trail Meats where there is no charge if you donate an entire deer as this cost is covered by the Hunters for the Hungry organization.
All deer donated in Lee County will go to Lee County residents.  AppCAA will be handing out packages of deer burgers December 15th thru January 15th at their Jonesville location at 119 Hill Street which is across from the Lee County Health Department.
All receipents are required to provide Social Security cards for all members of the home, as well as photo . This donation based program will run on a first come first served basis until supply runs out.

This is the symphony that changed everything, so why not enjoy it in the best possible recording? Klemperer was among the finest interpreters of Beethoven's music, so you'll be in safe hands here.

During the holiday season, the Spalding County Senior Nutrition program strives to spread Christmas cheer to seniors within our community by providing Christmas presents to those who might otherwise not receive gifts.

Various - FM Must Die! Volume 1Various - FM Must Die! Volume 1Various - FM Must Die! Volume 1Various - FM Must Die! Volume 1